Nothing Beside Remains 2013
nothing beside remains new statement
Unforget 20x16
Bee between skies 10x15 adjusted
Cicada looking at the view 8x10
Mouse Foetus 16x24
Abandoned Store-Boujdoor Saharawi Refugee camp(30x20)
Boujdoor Saharawi Refugee camp
Boujdoor Saharawi Refugee Camp 1 (18x12)
steering wheel big012
Flotsam Tree, Sahara (13x20)
From January (13x20)
Concentric January (13x20)
December to January (13x20)
The Farm (13x20)
Open Memory (13x20)
Winter Twilight (13x20)
Shoe in Sahara (10x15)
Shoe in Snow 14x10
Philadephia 18x14
The Prairie 31x40
house-ghost and monserrat
Petrified Goat (20x12)
Camel pile 1 (16x24)
Camel Pile 2 (16x24)
Opening April 2013 (2)
Install 1
Install 2
Install 3
Install 4